BRAND NEW Internship Program announced at Flutter Lyon Open Studio

“How would I describe my experience working alongside Flutter Lyon? Inspiring, eye-opening and engaging.”
– Anna Plant, currently studying Neuroscience at University of Sydney, previous Internship Participant

We are very pleased to present a wonderful new project at the Studio, the Flutter Lyon Open Studio Internship Program.

“Working with Flutter Lyon was dynamic and a really fun swim in the deep end.”
– Jessica Thompson, currently studying Bachelor of Fine Arts at Sydney College Of Fine Arts; writer and art coordinator at Primo! Magazine, previous Internship Participant

The Program seeks to offer a specific role to 5 lucky participants, per 3 month season, and the chance to step behind the scenes of a unique contemporary creative business.

The first season has just opened and will run up until Christmas and into the new year. Apply now.

There are 5 internship categories:
1. Visual Merchandising
2. Marketing & Communications
3. Studio Production
4. Gallery Management
5. Project Development

As you may know, here at the Studio, not only is Flutter Lyon working on and exhibiting her beautiful original Ink-Pressings as her central artistic practice, but she is also working to create a buzzing open studio/gallery/educational space that offers intelligent and inspiring products, such as the Flutter Lyon Free Perception Exercise books and flash cards (coming soon), as well as creativity workshops and installation projects.

Flutter Lyon has spent the past 10 years gaining extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of fine art, concept development, communications and business. She has a lot to share and a creative network that is always growing. Flutter is interested in handing on some of the skills she has developed and building the confidence and knowledge of all participants.

Flutter Lyon Open Studio is an inspiring space that encourages the engagement, empowerment and creativity of the individual.

More info here

See the Internship Program advertised on artsHub here

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