Mclean Stephenson captures Flutter Lyon for Focaleland

A recent evening spent with the omnipotent Mclean Stephenson for Focaleland. More to come.


Personalised Ink Pressing for Giancarlo de Vera

I had the pleasure of creating a personalised ink pressing for my dear friend Giancarlo over the weekend. We sat together and shared stories and thoughts and ideas, whilst I worked to capture the emotional context and journey that occurred amongst the experience.

A few words from de Vera:

A Future Thought Becomes A Present Story
F Lyon
Ink on 100% cotton paper
70cm [high] x 50cm [wide]

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The brand new live show for Focaleland!

In case you didn’t know, the major live audio visual project I am quietly working on at the moment is in collaboration with percussionist Jared Underwood and interactive designer Lukasz Karluk.
I sing and play electric guitar with multiple loop and effects pedals.

The result is an immersive collision of live improvised sound ‘fragile vocal hymns over smashed drumkit whims’. Breaths, melodic harmonies, primal screams of the pleasurable kind meshed with pounding drum beats, golden chimes, metal brushes and soft snare patters.

This comes together with all new audio interactive and generative projection works by Karluk, inspired by the ink-pressed artwork I am focused on in the other main area of my daily practice.

An emotively driven, audiovisual mapping of a moment in time expanded through multiple layers of creative discipline.

We have all performed together in the past, this new show being the next evolution and sees us really start to focus our energies into a very specific trajectory of collaborative exploration.

We are incredibly excited to premier this project, we would love to see you there!

F O C A L E L A N D :


The Wonderful World of Ink Pressings with Flutter Lyon.
I was just as nervous as last week but I’m determined to keep going and get better as I make each episode. I also enjoy showing my progress in a real and honest and rare sense. I enjoy the immediacy and imperfection of opening up the artistic and personal process and letting others in.
Anyway, here we go!
Share it with your friends if you wish.

Commission works installed for Dr Cody

I had the pleasure of installing a set of personalised ink pressings for a young chiropractor last weekend at his very sleek Philippe Starck designed apartment in Surry Hills.

I arrived to hang the works to a little welcoming party of his friends and a bottle of French champagne. It truly was a lovely moment of placing my work and story into another person’s home and seeing them so happy and excited by it.

This is why I love what I do!